Vege Tech offers a wide range of ingredient specialties ranging from common botanical extracts, to exotic specialties.  We feature our newest additions; Certified Organic Specialties, Fruit & Vegetable Purees, a family of Non-Animal based Hydrolyzed Proteins, as well as Fluid Oat Colloids. 

Health and Beauty Applications for our Specialties range from use in Serious Skin Care; with ingredients that moisturize and promote healing, to ingredients that have efficacy for use in Hair Care products.  Our ingredients also have applications in Household, Laundry, Cleaning and Pet Care products.

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Honeylex /Honeyplex /Organic Honeylex /Organic Honeyplex  Brochure (PDF)

Formulex Extracts/Formuplex Extract Blends -

Formulex /Formuplex Brochure (PDF)

Formulex Botanical Extracts List (PDF)

Formulex /Formuplex Suggested Use Blends (PDF)


Certified Organic Botanical Extracts


Specialty Proteins & Derivatives -

Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein (PDF)

Certified Organic Quinoa Protein (PDF)

Litein W Wheat Protein (PDF)

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (PDF)

Fluid Oat Colloids (PDF)

Liqui-Oats Protein (PDF)

Oat Beta Glucan (PDF)

Specialty Proteins & Derivatives Brochure (PDF)


Other Specialty Botanicals -

Fruit & Vegetable Purees Brochure & Listing (PDF)
(Brochure with Complete Purees Listings)

Fruit & Vegetable Purees Product Listing only (PDF)

Botanical Extracts (PDF)
(Available in a variety of carriers.  Please specify when ordering)



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